Ladies Auxiliary 2016-2017 Officers
President Jan Vogelsand
Sr. Vice Barb Jackson
Jr. Vice Amy Dunkerton
Treasurer Dolores Edinger
Conductor Mike Beck
Chaplain Amy Kurtin
Guard El McManaman
Secretary Jose Casado
Historian Serene Halley
3 yr Trustee Kim James
Patriotic Instructor Priscilla McMurry
3rd Year Trustee Lori Brouillette
2nd Year Trustee Kim James
1st Year Trustee Tammy Mrozinski


The Ladies Auxiliary, which was founded in 1914 to help veterans and their families, is the backbone of VFW volunteer efforts. Promoting patriotism and helping veterans in need are just two of the many ways that the Auxiliary serves America’s communities. The Ladies Auxiliary also has its own volunteer programs directed at VA, state and community hospitals.